learn how to work with Git and GitHub

Git is a free open source distributed version control system. It is tracks the contents of a file over time, it facilitates GitHub activities on your laptop or desktop.

GitHub is an online platform that allows you to synchronize your local Git…

Working with List in java

List interface is an ordered collection of objects in which duplicate values can be stored.

Properties of a List

Elements can be inserted or accessed by their position in the list.

A list may contain duplicate elements.

example of a list with duplicate elements
/// try this out

import java.util.*;
public class ListController {…


For this walk through you need to have PostgreSQL installed in your machine before getting started.

Step 1: Install PostgreSQL

I used this blog to install postgresql you can search for whatever resource will work for you. You can also try this.

If you done with the setup, create a…

Display your spring-boot endpoints in the browser

Swagger 2 provides the API documentation which are informative, readable, and easy to follow. It uses Springfox implementation of the Swagger 2 specification.

Swagger 2 makes it easy for the front-end and back-end team to collaborate since it exposes the necessary details eg…

Add nav bar to your angular project

If you are not familiar with Angular routing here is a blog on that, angular-routing

Navigate to your project on the command line and run the commands below

  • Add angular material to your project
ng add @angular/material
  • Let’s create a navbar component

Consuming the JSON REST API with Angular HttpClient


Angular provides a client HTTP API for Angular applications, the HttpClient service class in @angular/common/http.

Before we start I’m assuming you are familiar with routing basics. I have attached a link for a quick overview.

Setup server communication

To use HttpClient, we…

Add routing to your angular project

In Angular, the best practice is to load and configure the router in a separate, top-level module that is dedicated to routing and imported by the root AppModule.

By convention, the module class name is AppRoutingModule and it belongs in the app-routing.module.ts

Display title from the default angular application

This requires you to have the basic Knowledge of angular folder structure.

To display a custom title

Step 1: Edit the title in app.component.ts

Change the text to whatever you like

import { Component } from '@angular/core';@Component({
selector: 'app-root',

Deep dive into angular components

If you new to angular you can follow the links below to:

Setup angular in your machine

Understand angular structure and its files

To create a component, verify that you have met the following prerequisites:

  1. You have installed Angular CLI. …

Understanding Angular folder structure


Before getting started check if you have installed node, npm and angular in your machine by running those commands.Here is a link of getting started with Angular.

Common terminologies in Angular

A workspace contains the files for one or more projects. ng new command creates a…

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